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The SharePoint Developer Tools are structured into separate extensions for major feature areas of SharePoint. Each extension can be installed separately. The Core extension contains commonly useful elements. Each extension provides content in three areas; Exploration, Content and Deployment.

The Core extension

The Core extension contains generally useful components and items related to SharePoint Foundation.


Component Description Guidance
SharePoint References Adds a SharePoint tab to the Add Reference dialog. Text
Copy Assembly Name Copies the assembly name of a SharePoint project onto the clipboard. Text
Sandbox Compile Compiles the project against the SharePoint subset object model to ensure the code only uses subset OM features Text


Component Description Guidance
View Feature Dependencies Adds subnodes to the Feature node to drill down into feature dependencies Text
View Feature Elements Adds subnodes to the Feature node to drill down into feature element definitions. Also allows to open the XML definition of each element Text
Activate / Deactivate Feature Adds a content menu item to each feature node to enable and disable the feature on the current site, site collection, web application or farm Text
List Site Columns Browse site columns and view their properties Text
List Themes Browse themes and view their properties Text
List Master Pages Browse master pages and view their properties Text
List Web Parts Browse Web Parts and view their properties Text
Copy ID Adds context menu items to various nodes to quick copy the unique ID value, for instance for features or content types Text
Copy Web Part Copies the .webpart definition to the clipboard to quickly paste a Web Part into a <AllUsersWebPart> node Text


Component Description Guidance
Sandboxed Visual Web Part A visual Web Part that can be deployed as part of a sandboxed solution Text Video
SP Metal Definition Adds an SPMetal parameter XML file to the project and auto-generates the code based on that configuration using a Visual Studio Custom Tool (like resx files) Text Video
Custom Action Simple XML based custom action project item, serves as a sample SPI Text
Console Application A SharePoint Console Application template to easily create scratch applications.


Component Description Guidance
Quick Deploy Commands Adds a submenu to the context menu of SharePoint projects that allow you to quickly deploy using any deployment configuration Text
Copy Assemblies Copies all deployed assemblies to the relevant BIN folders and the Global Assembly Cache, for use as part of an X-Copy quick deploy Text
Copy Files Copies all deployed files into the SharePoint installation folder, for use as part of an X-Copy quick deploy Text
Install Features Installs the feature into the SharePoint feature storage, for use as part of an X-Copy quick deploy Text
Upgrade Solution Performs a solution upgrade instead of a retract / deploy combination Text
Recreate Site Deletes the site collection and recreates it with the same name, type and settings. Used to quickly create a new greenfield for testing Text
Reset IIS Resets the Internet Information Server which can be useful during testing of site definitions Text
Reset Timer Service Resets the SharePoint timer service Text
Warm-up Site Executes a HTTP request to the root of the current deployment site to warm it up after a IIS recycle Text
Install Web Application Content Copies Web Application specific content from the SharePoint installation folder into the IIS web application folders Text

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